Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Update in Pictures

24 WEEKSShort sleeves still necessary in my overheated house, but it is getting cooooold out there. It's been in the low 40's these past few days. Brr!

I MADE THISThe assignment, within certain parameters, was to design a "personal statement of graphic design style" or something like that. Had to use 9 squares, had to use the colors brown, red, and green. The rest was up to me.

GIRLS NIGHT INWine, cheese, a chick flick, six sleeping or self-entertained children, and four good friends. What more do you need? (If you said "a tub of ready-to-eat cheesecake filling," well, yeah, we got that, too.)


ajk said...

Good for you taking update pics of you carrying baby. We have yet to take one - maybe this weekend.

JES said...

There isn't much that can be better than girls night (except maybe date night with hubby after RLBT!). Love the pictures:)