Friday, September 5, 2008

This Could Be Dangerous

Jillsie's preschool is across the street from a German bakery. This is a 1500g, completely irresistible Steinofen loaf. Sarah, if you are reading this, it is just like that loaf we got at Maximillian's Grotte, except cheaper and you don't have to drive into the middle of the woods to get it.I wish you guys could smell this bread. Not to mention the Rosenbroetchen, the Brezen, and the Krapfen. Dear readers, if you know what these things are, you know how much trouble I am in. If you don't know what these things are, consider yourself deprived. The other day I indulged in a Nougat Croissant. Imagine the most buttery and decadent croissant you can, and then fill it with homemade, fluffy, creamy Nutella-like filling.

This could be seriously, seriously dangerous.


Diane said...

I don't know what those things are... but I know the danger of bakeries :) I'm also glad to see someone else who enjoys getting organized for the start of new classes!

If you really like that scarf I made, there are many more balls of that yarn waiting to be used. But my list of things to knit is at least a year long.

Trinnie said...

Oh. My. Goodness.

sjr said...

Okay, before I get I start drooling over the bread, I just have to state--Blogger hates me! It seems to be a 30 minutes process every time I try to post a comment. So, I don't post often...

but that bread is worth it. It looks so yummy and I can smell it, I swear! Oh, so bummed not to be there and share it with you.

And to think you were conflicted about Jillsie starting preschool! Think of what you would have missed.

Fizi said...

You can say No. Practice it in your head. It is possible. Hear yourself saying it. You can be strong. Remember the last two years of trying to lose the last lot of baby flab. Think slim. Think anything that will help.

Then make sure you save some for me for when I come to visit. I like the nuss schneke. They do have those don't they?