Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ideas In Their Heads

Jillson: Mom, I need a sorry.
Gutsy Mom: A sorry? For what?
Jillson: So I can be an Indian princess.
Gutsy Mom: Oh, you need a sari?
Jillson: Yeeees, Mom, a sari.

Exasperated by my slowness, she runs to my closet and brings back a pashmina, then shows me how to drape it over herself correctly, with one arm exposed.

Then, the little one comes flying around the corner, takes one look at big sister's get-up and asks "Is it pickle time?"  Without waiting for an answer she does her little happy dance while squealing "Pickle Time!  Pickle Time!"

I may not know what the heck is going on either, but at least I can't say it's boring around here.

Apparently, We Had Nothing Better To Do

I will say that it started with the girls asking to play indoors in their bathing suits.  After that, I am not really sure what happened.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What I Learned in September

I know you've all been dying to see what I've been doing with paper and glue these days. Well, the wait is over. In the month of September I did a project called "Learn Something New Every Day" offered by the very glittery Shimelle. I knew I'd like the class right off the bat, since I always think of September as the beginning of the year (not January). It's back to school time for grown-ups, too.

Anyway, the idea was to assess every day, at the end of the day, and distill the best and the worst into one lesson. What one thing did you learn today?  Sometimes this is very obvious, hands-on learning. One day I learned, for example, how to prepare pattypan squash for dinner. (Yummy!)
 Other days were more of a stretch, more life lesson-y.

You can click here to see the whole album in my Flickr gallery.

And, for those of you who do not care about the art, but do care about the lessons, here they are:

1. Reaching out is so worth it.
2. I love filling up my calendar with all the new schedules.
3. Hey, Meathead! It is still true that if you take your meds before you eat you will be overwhelmed by the desire to barf.
4. Be inspired by what's fresh.
5. I love shopping. I hate shopping. I love finding a bargain. I love having new things. I hate spending the money.
6. I love discovering new-to-me music; today it was Eric Hutchinson courtesy of Pandora.
7. Another delicious find from the farmer's market.
8. Stay the course. It is not rocket science. Planning ahead leads to success.
9. Apparently, I've still got what it takes. Never underestimate the power of flattery.
10. Do not waste money on cheap detergent.
11. Any day can be improved by a trip to the public library.
12. I am still so happy that we met.
13. Welcome to the rotation, pork carnitas.
14. I should just go ahead and make it myself.
15. Leftovers are a gift from God.
16. I always regret being rude.
17. When I concentrate on my own health and well-being, some people get a little suspicious.
18. Holding a 3-week-old baby cures whatever ails you.
19. Nine years is nothing to sneeze at.
20. It hurts so much each time I learn that someone we know was killed in [one of the places where my husband goes for his RLBTs].
21. Sometimes it is just better to give up & admit that I am sick as a dog.
22. One tiny action holds the whole wide world of a mother's thoughts.
23. Sixty-seven minutes of crazy cardio = bliss.
24. Today I learned I was chosen as the random winner of this beautiful necklace.
25. Sometimes it really does help to talk it out.
26. Above all, clothe yourselves with love.
27. Opening up to friends can reveal the true universality of our struggles.
28. Meeting new people still always makes me nervous and always goes well.
29. It is beyond depressing that we live in a world that makes it necessary for me to teach my children about what to do if someone acts inappropriately toward them.
30. I have not forgotten all of my German, but it sure is getting rusty.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Lucky Me!

Thanks to this nice lady, I won a beautiful necklace made by this Etsy artist.  Isn't blog candy the best?
 The turquoise flower is a clip that is removable. How awesome is that?
Be sure to stop by Avenue A (the Etsy store linked above) to check out the latest and greatest designs by this artist. Thank you Stacy and Angela!