Saturday, September 13, 2008

Good Morning, Jillson!

Here is what I have heard in response to my morning greeting over the last several months. (Note: These are in chronological order, but near duplicates have been removed from the list, so things get more creative as we go along. For example: "Oh, hi!" is a common response, as is "I'm awake!" but I have only listed each one once. Phrases, such as those about poo-poo, differing only by a syllable, are only listed once.)

When I walk into Jillsie's room, it is pitch black. I let the light from the hall shine in and usually see Jills standing in the back corner of her crib with her babies arrayed in front of her and carefully covered by their blankies. If she has still been sleeping, she quickly scrambles to her feet. I walk over to her window and open the rolladen (black-out shades) as I say, "Good Morning, Jillson!" She always looks down because the outside light is startling to her. Sometimes she sneezes three times (the Gutsy Dad has this same reaction to sudden light). Then she grumbles her response:

1) Oh, hi!
2) I am not awake.
3) I'm awake.
4) I am not sleepy.
5) I need to fix my hair.
6) No, Mommy. Not yet.
7) I want some milk.
8) I don't have poo-poos.
9) You take my baby, please.
10) No.
11) You need to fix it.
12) I want to hug you.
13) I've got to get out of here.
14) What's that?
15) I need to help Papa pap Zephie. (pap = pat)
16) I want some milk and some water, somehow.
17) My vagina is in my pants. You need to put clothes on your vagina. (I was fully clothed.)
18) Zephie is a little bit crazy. I back up.
19) It's beautiful, Mom.
20) I cuddle with my blankie.
21) I need a little moment.
22) Where are my socks?
23) I do not have a nose. I have a snout.
24) It's wet here.
25) We cannot get the binky from Marion.
26) Those are your blay-slips. (blay-slips = bracelets)
27) I heard you with the laundry.
28) There's some poo-poo in there.
29) Where's Pasta? (Her baby doll.)

And, lest you think she only showers her lingual genius on her mother, here are some things she has said to the dogs recently:

1) Woa, Nellie.
2) Back up, back up, back up.
3) Hold your horses.
4) You're a little bit crazy.
5) Stop panicking.
6) Your snout is beautiful.


Mom on the Move! said...

#17 - good for you. B only has 'girly parts'. I don't know why, I really don't have a good reason at all. If I had a boy I think penis would not be a big deal. I just don't know. Maybe cause it just hasn't really come up!

The Gutsy Mom said...

The "vagina" thing is all my fault. She was calling it her "tushy" one day, and discussing whether poo-poo or pee-pee comes out of it, and without even thinking I said "That is not your tushy. That is your vagina. Pee-pee comes out of it, and poo-poo comes out of your tushy." Jills has an ear for language, so it only took that one time saying it. I wish I had chosen a word I enjoy hearing more than vagina. At least she hasn't talked about it outside of the home. Yet.

Life6 said...

I had to laugh out loud at several of these. The Veterinarian in me LOVES the snout comments. ;)

Rachel said...

#2 is my favorite. This is how I feel most days.

This list is precious!

JES said...

I love all of them:) Jills is the BEST at making just about anything sound incredibly hysterical!

Vicki said...

#13, 21 and 25 take the cake for me. I totally agree with all of those statements in that order.

Billie, Jon and Jackson said...

Wow, and I almost missed #17. I am sure you can't wait to share this one with her when she's older. This girl is just too cute!