Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cocktail of the Month -- Limonata Nojito

Yes, you read correctly. The return of the cocktail of the month!

On Sunday after church we went out to lunch with Meme and Kiki, and the Gutsy Dad and I both enjoyed this drink. (I refused to give sips to the kids, it was so good.)

I rushed home and Googled it and, as a result of a rather fortuitous trip to Publix yesterday, I was able to recreate it.

Limonata Nojito
(I am sure you could jazz it up with alcohol if you really felt it necessary, but I promise it is delicious without.)

1 can (11.5oz; 330 ml) San Pellegrino Limonata
1/4 lime
3-4 mint leaves
1 tbsp agave nectar (or more, to taste)

Juice the 1/4 lime into the bottom of a rather large cocktail glass, then drop it in. (Think Tom Collins glass or larger. I made mine in a regular glass and ran out of room--I would have loved to add more ice.) Tear up the mint leaves and drop in. Add the agave nectar. (I started with a tablespoon, and it seemed just about right. Maybe a tiny bit more would be better. Remember, you can always add more at the end.) Muddle. Fill glass with ice. Pour in the Limonata. Stir gently.

If you like Italian Lemon Soda, you will like this drink. If you like mojitos, you will like this drink. If you are a pregnant person who likes lemon soda and mojitos, you will LOVE this drink.

Note: This refreshing, summery drink was the perfect addition to my last "solo" day. Yesterday I decided I should indulge myself in ways I might not be able to once there is a newborn in the picture. After getting Jillson and Madelyn off to their respective schools, I ran a few quick errands (including the grocery store) and treated myself to a pedicure. I then came home and read my book, while drinking a glass of chocolate milk and eating vanilla meringues. After retrieving Madelyn and getting her down for a nap, I concocted my Limonata Nojito and sat back to watch Samantha Morton's "Jane Eyre" off the DVR. Ahhhhhh, bliss.


Anonymous said...

Sigh. A tired mom here who was looking for an idea for stiff drink...but I should've known from the "nojito" in the name. Help us gutsy tired moms out next time by adding in some vodka, please.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this info - had this drink at the Macaroni Grill and really wanted to make one - this is a great help!!