Monday, June 16, 2008


That's right. I said "effalint." Jillson insists. Here she is, desperately trying to get the statue outside of Vienna's Museum of Natural History to talk to her. The conversation lasted about twenty minutes and went something like this:

Jillson waves: "Hiya, effalint!"
Still waving: "Effalint, hello!"
Shouting: "Hey! Hey! Hi, effalint!"
Extending hand for tusk-shake: "Nice-a mee-choo, effalint! How a you?"
Kissing the statue: "I kiss da effalint."
In despair: "Effalint! Effalint! Jillson says hi to me!"
After a pause: "Bye, bye, effalint."
Jillson walks ten paces away, then turns around, squeals in delight as though she's never seen this thing before, runs back, and says: "Hiya, effalint!" ...