Friday, September 12, 2008

Dear Gutsy Dad,

We met nine years ago today, and I would give almost anything for a dinner out at Z'Tejas and a romantic walk around Town Lake with you today. I love that you wore your khakis and blue button down and waited until halfway through dinner before you put your glasses on so I wouldn't think you were too geeky. (How did you read the menu?) I love that you drove a pick-up filled with adventure racing gear and a humongous jumble of training and mapping electronics. (Some things never change.) I love that you sat on the lakeside bench with me and talked and talked and talked for HOURS before daring that first kiss. (Please don't make me wait that long again when I finally get to see you again.) I love that you were, and always have been, a gentleman. I love you. All of your Gutsy Girls do--me, Jillsie, Zephie, Tilly, and Sieby--with all of our gutsy, girly, goofy, geeky hearts.

Stay safe.

The Gutsy Mom


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Life6 said...

Sigh. You are making me all mushy for the two of you. What a sweet post. I can't wait until we are all reunited with our loved ones. Sigh again.