Thursday, September 4, 2008

Consider the Bullet Bitten

Today I enrolled in an online graphic design class. I've been thinking about it for a while, and since my cute husband was nice enough to give me the tuition as an anniversary present, I had no excuse not to enroll. So, starting October 3rd, and for 12 weeks thereafter, I will be a student again! And you all know how much I love being a student. Yes, I have already started gathering my school supplies into a dorky binder. I've read the syllabus and done the pre-requisite homework. (I got to do homework!) If I thought it was relevant to the coursework, I would sharpen up a nice bouquet of yellow pencils and put new AA's in my TI-81. I am so excited about this I am having trouble sleeping. Is it too early to purchase my own Pantone swatch book? Say no. Please say no.

1 comment:

Trinnie said...

YEAH, Marg! When you're ready (or want to), I can be your first customer... I need my business cards redesigned.