Monday, September 5, 2011

Why I Wouldn't Mind if Labor Day Were LABOR Day

At over 38 weeks, things are starting to get cumbersome.  
That's me on Wednesday evening right before I went to my first choir rehearsal. I've got a fair amount of energy, I just can't do very much with it. 

I do think I'm in the overlapping portion of the Nesting and Pre-RLBT Venn Diagram. One minute I am sewing a new skirt for the bassinet and driving all around town looking for nipple shields and baby thermometers; the next I am joining a choir, joining a book club, and starting a bunco group. Am I the only one who frantically reaches out to groups--searching for my peeps--before an RLBT?

The Gutsy Dad (who is away this week) already has emailed to ask if I could kindly go into labor tomorrow so that he can come home early. Part of me--the part that looks like this--wants to say "sure thing, honey!" 

The rest of me knows I can hang in there.  One week from today I'll be holding the contents of that bump in my very own arms.  

So strange, so wonderful to know when she will be here.


Rachel said...

You look AMAZING! Can't wait to see pictures of her...I'm so excited for you guys!

Pam said...

Good Lord, I am forever amazed at 1) how beautiful and adorable a pregnant lady you are (and as a non pregnant lady) and 2) how you manage to juggle eleventy billion things all at once and make it look like it's nothing. You look wonderful and I can't wait to hear the news in a week. Here's to a stress free 38th week!

Heather said...

You look great and we cant wait for the news!

Jennifer-Adventuresome Kitchen said...

OMG! You do NOT look 9 mos pregnant! NOT in the least! You look absolutely adorable!!! As cute as when you were sneaking granola bars during that very important church service we sang at! Cannot wait to see pics of the newest member of your clan!