Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday Music Mojo: K'Naan's "Wavin' Flag"

A few things: The Gutsy Dad went back to work today (paternity leave over), which means he left the house before 5:00am. My alarm went off at 6:00am, which afforded me just the right amount of time to do the New & Improved (Now With Breastfeeding!) Morning Routine all by myself.

Guess what? All four Gutsy Girls (ages ranging from 2 weeks to 35 years) made it to the bus stop in time to put Miss Jillson on the bus. 

I believe I went above and beyond the call of duty when I showed up wearing actual clothes (no pjs or sweats) and a supportive bra. Ever the optimist, I wore a cute Red Sox t-shirt.

I cannot believe Bronwen is already two weeks old. That was a really fast two weeks. More on this topic later, I'm sure.

Madelyn and I are hanging at home today with Bronnie, catching up on to-dos. Maddie is playing the piano. She hops down periodically, trots over to the sleeping baby, and coos: "wobby nobby lobby baby Bwon-winn..." I have no idea what "wobby nobby lobby" means, only that it is pure Madelyn--her version of "aw, what a cute little baby." She says it A LOT.

Kitchen clean-up this morning was greatly aided by the following song, which I am still listening to on repeat, getting myself stoked up for tonight's episode of The Sing-Off:

Yes, yes I do have a thing for South African music. Love the beat. Love the group singing, the choral-like harmonies, the power this music has to uplift. Apartheid, Coca-Cola, and World Cup soccer issues aside, I just really love a good shout out for freedom. (Makes this song perfect for a dorky, collegiate a cappella anthem, no?) I mean, when was the last time an American pop song helped the USA "come together?" Mm hmm. 
When I get older I will be stronger.
They'll call me freedom just like a wavin' flag. 
So wave your flag. Now wave your flag. And wave your flag.
Today the shameless Gutsies are letting their freak flags fly.


Mom on the Move! said...

LOVE it! Wave on Gutsy family - wave on!!!

Scottie Mom said...

A Capella is a very Northeastern thing. I loved that UO (on the rocks) was bringing it to the PAC NW last season. BTW-my alma mater is in this season & singing your song...Go Yellowjackets!