Monday, September 19, 2011

Today Makes Ten

Today, the Gutsy Dad and I celebrated our 10th anniversary (of our actual, first wedding) by having a perfectly regular day.

The day began with baby hiccups at 2:30am. Audio courtesy of a slightly groggy Gutsy Mom and her iPhone:

In the (real) morning, all five of us went to the bus stop together.

The Gutsy Dad went running with Madelyn in the jogging stroller; I paid bills online and made some business calls.

We thought about going out to lunch so we made ourselves presentable, but then we remembered the deli where we wanted to eat is closed on Mondays. So, instead we stayed home (looking presentable for each other) and ate some of the awesome church ladies' food.

We read naptime stories with Bronwen and Madelyn.

While Maddie napped, we gave Bronwen her first at-home bath, made some inky footprints of her adorable tootsies, weighed her, and took 300,000 photos of her since she is officially one week old today. (She weighed in at 6 lbs 15.5 oz, up an ounce and a half from her discharge weight.) Scroll to the end for the adorable baby photos.

While Bronwen napped, we opened anniversary presents: gorgeous cranberry & sienna pottery which my parents brought back from Village Pottery on Prince Edward Island. I absolutely adore the colors in these ceramics. The Gutsy Dad and I have been collecting this pottery for a few years, but our collection took a serious hit last year when a shelf fell off the wall and shattered most of our pieces. Thank you, Mom and Dad, for re-starting our collection!

And I gave the Gutsy Dad this mini-book which I made in August and have been dying to share with him.  I'll share the inside pages with you in the days ahead. 

After Jillson came home, we read stories and practiced sight words, and then the entire Gutsy clan went on a family walk. Please note the random head gear fashioned by the girls out of scrapbooking paper. These fashions were designed primarily by Madelyn. She and Jillson had "crowns;" Jillson's was modified into a helmet-topping loop thing. Zephie tore her paper collar off in the first 30 seconds of the walk; Tilly kept hers on. 

I still can't believe Jillson is finally riding her bike as well as she is.

Dinner was again courtesy of the church ladies: tomato basil soup with garlic bread, green beans, and fresh corn off the cob. Iced tea. Kinder Schoko from our German neighbor for dessert.

Now the Gutsy Dad and I are watching the season premiere of The Sing-Off, snuggling with the littlest diva, and enjoying vanilla ice cream with homemade chocolate sauce.

I loved today.


Mom said...

The hiccups are hysterical! The rest of your blog is sublime. Thank you for telling the stories.

Fizi said...

I love reading your blog and am still amazed at your energy and creativity. I love how your perspective makes the ordinary things of the everyday have meaning and relevance. Beautiful pictures of Diva Three.