Saturday, September 3, 2011


A conversation with Jillson while driving into town:

Jillson: Mom, I'd like to read to you from my chapter book.
Gutsy Mom: Great! 
(Jillson opens an imaginary book and clears her throat.)
J: Chapter One-Hundred-Thirty-Four: Private Parts and The Stuff That Comes Out of Private Parts.
GM: Jillson, that is not appropriate.
J: Mom, I did not use any inappropriate words.
GM: It is an inappropriate topic. Pick a different chapter.
J: Fine. (Pretends to flip through book.) Chapter Three. Plants.
GM: Great choice.
J: Ooh! Look! Here's an interesting one. It's a Shoe Tree.
GM: A shoe tree?
J: Yes. It grows shoes and peaches.
GM: Awesome! What kind of shoes?
J: High heels, running shoes, and flip flops.  And peaches.

Now that is my kind of tree.


Rachel said...

Hilarious! Also, I need one of those trees. If anyone is going to develop a shoe that grows peaches and high heels, I'm pretty sure they'll be from Georgia.

Vicki said...

i LOVE THAT GIRL!!!! I miss you all so much. Give all the ladies hugs for me. I loved reading about Maddie too cause she is so similar to my Kera Grace. Pure love and curiosity.