Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Toto, I Have a Feeling...

...we're not in Kansas any more.

Nope.  We're road-tripping, baby.  Tomorrow will be our fourth and final day on the road, and boy am I looking forward to pulling into Meme and Kiki's house on Hilton Head Island.

We did the right thing by chopping what could have been two really long days on the road into four shorter days, but after 13 nights in various hotels in Kansas and on the road, I am ready to stop moving things in and out of our cars every night.

Days two and three of the road-trip were rather uneventful, but day one was terrible.  After a late, final night in Kansas (more on this later... it was seriously awesome!), tornado sirens made our "Dorothy" experience in Kansas complete.  (I arrived back to our hotel at roughly 11:45pm to find the Gutsy Dad and the kids down in the hotel basement along with all the other guests.)  We spent Sunday, after church (more on that later, too), driving to St. Louis under a certain amount of pressure to get away from the horrible weather that wreaked such havoc on Joplin, MO.  We had eerie skies, thunder, lighting, torrential downpours, and hail.

Obviously, we survived.  And as we watch the news of the devastation caused by those tornadoes, we are counting our many blessings.

Here we are on the last day, almost two weeks ago, that our Kansas house was normal:

And, because I am a dorky blogger, here we are in front of our Germany house, before we moved to Kansas, in 2009.  Look at itty-bitty Madelyn!

And here we are in 2006, in front of our Washington home, before we moved to Germany. Look at itty-bitty Jillson!


lhlynde said...

I notice a trend in each pic: as you are departing each house you are adding a child. Hmmm ...

Sue said...

Congrats on your upcoming baby girl. I have fond memories of Jillson and Denali as buddies. I will look forward to seeing pictures when she is born.

hapi said...

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