Friday, May 20, 2011

Naming Update

Jillson would like us to name the baby Oona.  Or Michelle-Elan.  (The latter half pronounced the French way, meaning, I think, passion.)

Madelyn would like us to name the baby Dora.

Madelyn would also like us to change her own name to Martin-Sophia.


Heather said...

Funny! we've been having naming discussions in our household too (NOT for another one of our babies!). Austin refuses to admit that his middle name is 'william' -- screams hysterically if you mention it, so I told charlie when he is 16, he can pick up the 'william' as a second middle name which he enjoyed. One of my friends in the neighborhood is due in July and her daughter had decided the baby will be named "rainbow".
Congrats to both graduates!!!

Mom said...

Is Jillson thinking about a certain tire company?

Vicki said...

Nali votes Lizzie...Kera votes Swingie or Sophie.