Thursday, May 19, 2011

"Gradulations" Double-Header

Wednesday was Jillson's last day of preschool.  Here she is outside our hotel room.

We loved Mrs. Wiley, especially because she shared a favorite color with Jillson.  (When we got home, we found that Mrs. Wiley had put a pair of purple sunglasses in Jillson's school bag as a surprise!)

Here are our two goofballs back at the same hotel tree before our special "gradulation" dinner at T-Rex.

Today, Thursday, it was the Gutsy Dad's turn.  Let's see how long he allows me to have these photos posted here before he requests that I take them down for security reasons.  I'm thinking that when the RLBT starts, they will have to be removed.  Anyway, here's the big guy getting his master's hood!

The Gutsy Family, complete with baby bump and crazy "smiles."

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Mom said...

Wow! What a handsome guy! Bravo, good job, well done, Chris! The hood and the women suit you well.