Monday, July 11, 2011

Scatterbrained, Settling In, Sort Of

I know, I know.  Over a month's hiatus.  Let's see.  The aforementioned road trip ended well with a fantastic Memorial Day weekend with Meme and Kiki on Hilton Head.  In June, we enjoyed visiting with friends from KS and Germany (both in the area, visiting, yippee!), traveling to Boulder, CO for a wedding, and a two-week family vacation in Maine. Phew.

Now that we're back home in Georgia, I can finally focus on settling in.  Unpacking is slow but underway, and my days seem filled with doctors' appointments (for me and kids), phone calls, and the tricky task of trying to use my limited energy wisely.  We are slowly figuring out the essentials -- hair stylist, babysitters, church, playgroups -- and I am just extremely eager to have my house up and running in some sort of normal and easy fashion. (Patience, patience, patience is my mantra on this front.)

I fear there are a million emails and comments and posts I have failed to respond to, phone calls I have ignored, and birthdays and other important events in the lives of loved ones I have let slip by completely.  I find it shameful on my part. I console myself by thinking that of course I can't do it all, no one expects me to, but--seriously--I should at least be able to do SOME of it.

Today I got a peek inside my belly via ultrasound to check in on Little Miss Gutsy #3.  Of course I had to endure a rather pointless "perinatal genetic counseling" session due to my--ahem--advanced maternal age, before said look-see, but it was worth it.  The baby looks adorable in there--all cheeks and lips and nose, just like her big sisters.  Only 9 more weeks or so until we get to meet face to face.

Today, I vow, I will at least finish unpacking the suitcases from our trip to Maine.  Tomorrow, a few boxes' worth of household items will be put away, I swear it.  (Oh yes, dear readers, the era of "how many boxes will I unpack today?" has returned.  I am sure you are as thrilled as I am.)

Pictures, perhaps, to follow.

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