Sunday, January 2, 2011

Top 10 Songs from 2010

Here are my top ten favorite downloads from 2010. (It was even harder to narrow this list down than it was to narrow down the recipe list. It helps that three of my favorites are already documented here. I also doubled up two songs per artist in two cases because I just couldn't choose.) So now, without further ado, I present, for your listening pleasure:

The Gutsy Mom's Top 10 Favorite Songs Downloaded in 2010:
1. The Luckiest by Ben Folds. I love Ben Folds because he says the "oh" vowel like a true southern boy and he is quirky. But I bet he gets tired of being called quirky, just as I grew tired of being called chipper by every teacher I had from kindergarten through 8th grade. Anyway, this song is neither quirky nor chipper. Just a man, his voice, and his piano. Ooh la la.

2. Barcelona & One Cup of Coffee by Emily Dunbar. The entire album is delightful, notably her song about John Cusack, but I especially love the sentiments expressed in these two songs.

3. Forget You by Cee Lo Green. I will admit that I discovered this song thanks to Glee, and I love the Gwyneth version of it which I'm sure you can find on iTunes. I also love the explicit version, in which Forget is replaced with another F word. (Sad, but true. I'm a geeky rebel on the inside. But it's just so much fun to sing along with the naughty words--while the kids are in another room or out of the house altogether, of course.)

4. Ready by Cheri Magill. A great song to put on your "I am determined to get in shape this year" mix.

5. Okay It's Alright With Me and Rock & Roll by Eric Hutchinson. Another young man with a voice and a piano. He just sounds like a decent guy. If you know him to be otherwise, please don't tell me.

6. She Moves in Her Own Way by the Kooks. Discovered this one thanks to a class I took last February called "Life Tunes." Thanks, Kolette!

7. Hey, Soul Sister by Train. I know, I know. Everyone else in the world is sick of this song by now, but not me! I heard it for the first time in the summer on Pandora, immediately added it to my workout mix, and have been bopping to it ever since. I also enjoyed Darren Criss's performance on Glee and Street Corner Symphony's performance on The Sing Off. (See, I told you everyone else would be sick of it.)

8. Love by Matt White. Some of the lyrics are confusing to me (from an interpretation standpoint, not a diction standpoint), and I am pretty sure this is now being used in a TV commercial of some kind, but I simply adore this song.

9. Billionaire by Travie McCoy and Bruno Mars. If I could just find someone to do the spoken parts, I could seriously rock this at the High Noon Saloon Karaoke night next month.  (I hope I linked to the clean version. If sensitive ears are nearby, google the Glee version instead.)

10. Falling Slowly by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova. I will now confess that I first heard/saw this song performed by Crystal Bowersox and Lee DeWyze on American Idol, but I was entranced from the very first measure. I love this version by the people who actually wrote the song as well as Crystal and Lee's version.

I can't wait to start my 2011 playlist.  I think I discovered a few new sing-alongs tonight on Pandora while cooking dinner.  Yippee!

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