Sunday, January 30, 2011

Everything All At Once, in a crappy way

Many of you will recall that "Everything All At Once" is the Gutsy Family motto. Given my husband's career and the general way that life can unfold in a rather, um, chaotic manner at times, we find ourselves embracing times of Everything All At Once every few years or so. (Take 2006, for instance, when I quit my job, had a baby, sold my car, converted our home to a rental, and moved to Europe all in about the space of 8 weeks.)

Well, today was a microcosmic Everything All At Once kind of day. No, no one is quitting or moving or having a baby any time soon. But in the course of about 2 hours this evening my car died, my 4 year old vomited quite thoroughly while at church, and the dogs had a double diarrhea accident in our dining room.  On the good rug. Oh yes, and because I was a little distracted by all this, I poured a hot pot of homemade marinara sauce into a hot frying pan of homemade meatballs without removing the frying pan from the burner.  This resulted in boiling hot tomato sauce splattering and spewing all over the stove, cabinets, floor, me, microwave, counters, and my precious laptop. I recovered from that and then proceeded to burn the sauce anyway.

The kids are now in bed and the carpets have been cleaned. (Thanks, honey.) The car will be dealt with in the morning.

I'm watching Downton Abbey on Masterpiece and calling it a night.

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S said...

Oh I can relate. I seem to have those days when lots and lots of little things go wrong - cascading down on you like dominoes. It sounds like you managed well enough. I watched the last episode of Downton Abbey last night too - and had mixed feelings about the fact that there is going to be a second season. I was expecting it to wrap up like a mini-series. I will no doubt will be over it and ready to watch Season 2 when it comes out.