Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday Music Mojo

Readers who have been with me since the beginning (all two of you) may recall my lofty plans to share some Music of the Month with you every month. You will also recall that I had some rather erratic follow through. (I've been a little more regular with the Cocktail of the Month concept. Hmm.)

Nevertheless, I'm trying again. This might not happen every Monday, but at least on some Mondays I'd like to share some of the music I'm loving these days. Everyone could use a little new music mojo on a Monday, right?

Music is such an important part of my happiness, that it only seems right to share snippets of it here and there. Maybe someday it will be interesting to remember what I was listening to when I was a mom of two young girls. Very scrapbookish of me, no?

So now, without further ado, I present to you three songs I cannot stop listening to. (I'm just going to leave that preposition at the end of that sentence and forget about it.) I realize these are not new songs at all, but they are new to me. And as with most new happy songs I find, I feel a sort of infatuated, crush-like feeling for each of them.

First up is "New Soul" by Yael Naim. Pandora introduced me to this song, which immediately made me smile and bop around the kitchen. I didn't see the music video until just now when I was searching for a link for you, and I have to say the music video makes me smile, too. Clever.

Next up is "Question" by the Old 97s. Apparently this song was used on Scrubs, so many of you probably know it and may indeed be wondering why I am so late to the party. If you don't know this song already, just sit back, listen to the lyrics (ignore the graphics), and tell me if you don't start smiling during the chorus. This is SUCH a sweet song. (Discovered on Stephanie Howell's blog. Her husband included it on a playlist he made for her when he was headed out on an RLBT. How sweet is that?)

My third and final offering today is my latest Glee number, "Dog Days Are Over" by Florence and the Machine. Almost every episode of Glee introduces me to a new song to love or reminds me of one I already adore. (As was the case with my old friend "Fire.") Anyway, I was tempted to post the Glee version of this song for you, but felt it was more polite to honor the original artist. That said, the artist's video for this song is so bizarro that I think it detracts from the song, especially on a first listen. If you've never heard the song, listen to the one below. If you already know and love the song, check out the 2010 video and tell me if you don't find it both beautiful (a bit) and distractingly strange (a lot).

Incidentally, I have no idea what half of the lyrics are about here, but I do enjoy belting them out as though they are very meaningful to me anyway.

We have a bit of snow here and so the birds have arrived, searching for food on our back porch. Jillson had the food out for them a week ago, so she is as thrilled as I am that they need it and have found it. I hate cold weather, but I do love those cute cold weather birdies.

Have a merry Monday!

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Vicki said...

I have been waiting for you to introduce me to more music! Love it, keep it up cause I am still reading.