Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Last of the 2010 Top Tens

Can you tell I like to recap before starting afresh? And that I like to make lists? Oh yeah, baby. I promise this is the end of the lists for a while.
Top 10 Things Trending at the Gutsies Right Now:
1. USAA online bill pay
2. Family dogwalks
3. Barbecue sauce (currently working on two from Oklahoma Joes, two from All Slabbed Up, plus the inimitable Salt Lick)
4. Listening to Paperclipping Roundtable and Foolish Adventure podcasts
5. Groupon
6. MeYou Health daily challenges
7. Lemi-Shine (There’s a longer story here, but you'll have to wait.)
9. Count-down calendars (Meme and Kiki are coming back in only umptynine more days!)
10. One Little Word for 2011 (Mine is motivate, but you’ll hear much more about this later.)
Top 10 Things I Would Love to Have Right Now:
1. an iPhone (Santa owes me one, but says I have to wait to see where we are moving)
2. a gym-quality step aerobics step (so I can choreograph fictional classes at home)
3. more dot-runner adhesive
4. my Spiriva refill (just haven't picked it up yet)
5. a new sports bra (it's time)
6. a waterproof wipeboard for the shower (best ideas occur there)
7. Pitt Artist pens in black
8. ravioli salad from the Bayrisch-Irish
9. hardwood floors
10. an agent
Top 10 Things I Am Grateful to Have Right Now:
1. a warm cup of coffee
2. cute pajamas
3. a smokin' hot laptop
4. a smokin' hot husband
5. two pretty amazing kids
6. an optimistic attitude
7. my trusty camera
8. enough scrapping supplies & the corresponding imagination to last a millennium
9. memories of a year without drama or stress or RLBTs
10. a year full of love and change and everyday bliss to look forward to
Here's to 2011, y'all!
The GM

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