Monday, January 10, 2011


I've been spending some time with some older photos, and thought I'd share a few of my favorites with you.

These are my paternal grandparents, the infamous Nana and Primus. I think they are on Heron Island in this picture, because of the shingles and the vaguely Maine-y reflection in the window. I wonder if they dressed that nicely every day in the 1940s. I think they probably did. People don't do that anymore, especially at summer cottages.

These are my other grandparents; my mom's adorable family. I love my uncle's wide shirt collar spread out over his jacket, and I love how friendly my grandfather looks here. I really wish I had known him.

Classic early 80s cheese. Please note that I am clutching "Pinky," a blanket my Nana (first photo) gave me. I LOVED that thing. I still have it. And it still smells like home. Please note the similarity between my haircut and my mom's when she was little (above). See those stockings peeking out behind my brothers' shoulders?  They live on!  You can see mine below.  

My Nana knit them for all of her grandchildren, and my mom has dutifully knit new ones for all the additions to the family. I love that. Although we are obscuring them with our shoulders, please know that all 4 Gutsies have the same knitted stocking. (The dogs have the doggie ones, of course.)
And that concludes this day's trip down memory lane. 

It's time to make a plan for the day. 

We are snowed in (though the Gutsy Dad must still go to work), the kids have already been out for round one of snow play during the morning driveway shovelling. Now they are enjoying round one of hot chocolate with the Gutsy Dad. 

I've brushed off our bird-feeding area on the back deck and the little finches and juncos are so happy. I am still in pajamas. I am missing my step aerobics class at the gym, and I am trying to be okay with it.  

I feel like I should be baking bread and making soup.  Hmmmm....

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Mom said...

Just want to add a credit - Godmother Paula Niedrach Botkin took the fireplace picture of our kids and pinkie. I love her photos!

Update, too. - Take a look at the old-fashioned phone next to the reupholstered couch. We want you to know we have NEW phones now.

This is so much fun for all of us. Thanks, Margaret!