Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sanctuary! Sanctuary!

What started out as a room full of boxes...

...turned into Mommy's playroom. This guided tour is provided especially for Mom on the Move, who is torturing herself by looking at pictures of the innards of big(ger) houses. [Warning to all of you who knew me before I started getting crafty: this post might scare you. It has nothing to do with English Literature or Women's Studies, although you could also argue that it has everything to do with both of those subjects, but I digress. Consider yourself duly warned. And rest assured that I am fully sane.]

So here we go....

This is the door from the kids' playroom to my playroom.

Come on in and turn left and you'll find half of my work surface. Any LOMers out there will recognize my category drawers for photos and (what will be) my 2" punch drawers in the corner. Other little things that make me happy here are a tiny basket (on the wall) and a wooden paper stand (on the table) both from PEI, my El Cheapo bulletin board which has survived from my childhood bedroom, and my green Easter tree from Auerbach.

A little close-up of my mini shelves of more happy things! The large, painted metal heart is from Meersburg am Bodensee; the little green leather suitcase is from Arco, Italy.

Moving on to the other half of my work surface (which is usually free from clutter). The walls are rather plain since this is a rental and I can't go hog wild. But believe me, if this were MY house, these walls would NOT be beige. (Please note Tilly's aromatherapy ball on the floor. I'm not the only one who plays in here!)

And then a window, assorted storage, and then...

...the Wall o' Stuff. The inkpads are in an antique beer case from Germany. The punches are on an old CD shelf. The shiny, silver Illy cans (holding pens and tools) were imported from Italy by hand by yours truly (or by Vicki) and then their contents were consumed shot by delicious shot by me and my buds during the RLBT.

Just about done with the tour. Here's the closet.

And the desk (also usually clutter-free) for writing and working and doing family business.
The first thing I made after setting up the space was a family tree for the Madster.

More pages for Maddie's book.

Then, tonight, while Jillson made this beautiful portrait in her playroom...

...I made one in mine. (I love that we both chose blue and red!)


Mom on the Move! said...

Thanks for the brief detour from lit and women's studies for gratuitous showing off of your new studio. Very very nice!!!

Poor TMOMD - he just doesn't know what awaits him when we move again!

Fizi said...

Okay, so my stuff lives precariously balanced on a shelf, well, half a shelf, in the cupboard under the stairs and involves contortions each time I want to scrap! I am happy for you - honest!!! Looks wonderful. (BTW, you are now one up on Cathy Z - she professes not to have a dedicated scrapping room! Feel happy!)


Scottie Mom said...

You have inspired me...Our office is still a mess...now I want to organize!!