Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Reformed Leafist & Other Notes on Finding Happiness in the Little Things

1. I used to be a leafist. I used to think that only New England had gorgeous fall foliage, but oh how wrong I was. Kansas is resplendent right now! The reds are especially awesome. I am so enjoying my morning walks right now and I am so glad I was wrong about New England's exclusive rights to amazing color.

2. When I went to pick up the Jills from preschool yesterday, another mom greeted me by saying "There's some little girl on top of the jungle gym. She's saying 'Jillson changed my life!' over and over. You're Jillson's mom, right?" Um, yes. The reporter-mom walked away, and I stood and listened. There was indeed some other little girl proclaiming to anyone who would listen that Jillson had changed her life. Thankfully, this little girl looked happy about the change, whatever it was. Later, when I asked Jills about it, all she said was "Oh, yeah, I didn't want to go home yet, so I changed my life." She also added: "Aiden and Brayden sound the same!" So much for clarity.

3. Speaking of Jillson, she is currently seated at the piano, composing. She is singing so sweetly it could be a lullaby. I love it when she sings like this. The lyrics go something like this: "Ballgame! Ballgame! Meow. Jesus gives us healthy food to eat like pancakes. Ah-lee-lu-lee-la!" And then, under her breath, to herself: "That's perfect, Jillsie! Perfect!" And then, very loudly: "Okay, Mom, sing! READY? GO!" Perhaps it's not a lullaby after all.

4. I love our public library. It is small, but it has everything we need: a ton of children's books for the girls and some audio books on CD and new-release DVDs for me. FREE! Plus grown-up books. Plus they'll get anything they don't have on inter-library loan for you. Plus story time twice a week. Oh yeah, and they also have a ton of children's games you can check out. ALL FREE and only a 15 minute walk from home.

5. Maddie crawled up one stair today. She was so pleased with herself she just started giggling and grinning and squealing when we busted her. She is way more daring than Jills was at this age. She'll often crawl over to something (preferably a human), prop her hands on top of it like she is pushing a shopping cart and then, spontaneously, stand completely erect with her arms flung up into the air in a giant V, elated. She'll balance, wobbling, holding onto nothing at all for as long as possible, then crash on her po and start over. Her face is a study in determination and joy. I love it.

That's it for today. That's my attempt at being present and celebrating everyday life. I've been quite pensive recently, but I'll tell you this. When I focus on the little happinesses, the small things that occur throughout the day and tend to be forgotten by the end of it, when I collect my mind around those things, and put aside the anxious thoughts, well then my cup runneth over. I am such a happy girl.


Rachel said...

Oh my goodness, your Jillson stories crack me up!

So I'm glad it's not just me who sometimes has difficulty finding joy in the little things. It sounds rather easy but it's not always. I used to keep a 'gratitude journal' in which I would daily list five things for which I was thankful. I really have no idea why I stopped doing that but you may have just inspired me to begin again!

I miss you, Friend...

ajk said...

So true! I've found myself a lot recently thinking the same thing. In the moment, I can enjoy the cute happenings, but as the day goes on and crankiness presents itself, they get lost.... Time to stop and smell the roses....