Monday, October 5, 2009

I Made This

I cannot believe my grandmother has been gone for ten years. I still think of her all the time, think of things I'd like to share with her. The other night, while nursing in the middle of the night, I started to think about all of her quirks, the good and the bad, her likes and dislikes. For a brief moment, I remembered the scent of her bedroom. I loved her tidy bedroom! She insisted that I sleep there when I visited, while she slept out on her couch.

Today I spent an hour and made this. I wanted to use a picture of her from later in her life, but I couldn't find one (still sorting!), so I took this one out of its frame and made a copy of it on my awesome photo printer. Her handwriting tells me she is 19 years old in that picture. Nineteen! She wasn't even a Jillson yet!

I wonder if she would like the list I made for her, or if it would make her chuckle because it was so off. I'm pretty sure she would be amused by my scrapbooking habit, but also wonder if I was frittering away too much of my time on it...

I would like to make three more pages like this, one for each of my grandparents. But that requires some homework, so for now, here is Grandma's list:

-her legs
-using her silver
-the New Yorker
-Palmer-method handwriting
-her slippers
-a good poem
-a good cause
-brushing her teeth
-classical music
-Lipton iced tea
-Filene's Basement
-Coffee Heath Bar Crunch ice cream
-Les Miserables
-traveling to far away places
-her children
-her grandchildren
-a good book
-Keds + peds
-Barnes & Noble


Mom on the Move! said...

Very nice!!! Looks like you are putting your 'studio' to good use. Post pictures - I am drooling over everyone's new digs.

Mom said...

Thank you, Grace's granddaughter, for this wonderful portrait of Grandma. As the woman-in-between, I am shedding some "tears of joy" (her words), knowing that you and she shared many memorable moments together. Your list is such a beautiful and perfect one. From simple to complex. I've thought of only one more to add, so far, and that is swimming. Special hugs for my McGarry granddaughters!