Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Anxiety levels are mounting around here. I dented the Gutsy Dad's new car so badly that we cannot get it fixed before the move because we have to replace the whole door. Great. The movers called on Friday to tell us they were overbooked, so they are coming four days later than planned. Awesome. This means we have no wiggle room left in our pre-flight plans. Jillson is waking with night terrors. I think she can sense the stress in the house.

But nobody is freaking out more than Zephie. We went out to dinner the other night and she did this:

That's right. She unpacked the Gutsy Dad's suitcase to make some room for herself in it.

God love her.


Mom on the Move! said...

They are amazing animals. Our poor dog flips out whenever he sees the suitcases. Don't even get me started on what he does when he see the ruck sack!

Holly said...

Poor puppy! And poor Jillson! But I bet she's going to have a blast with her new friends at Disney World! And by friends I mean the twins as well as the princesses. Did you get my hint that I expect you to come visit now that you will be within flying distance?????

Heather said...

Hang in there Marg! We'll see you soon!
Shadow also freaked out when the suitcases came out...although never went so far as unpacking one!