Thursday, May 7, 2009

Four Months Already

I'm not sure where the time is going (or why I am posting so frequently after just writing that I wasn't going to), but here's a photographic update for the Maddie Moo.

Kitchen Table Photo Shoot

Seriously. Don't you want to eat them?

At the Bayrisch Irish

With Meme at the Goldener Greif

Sleeping soundly.

Madelyn at 4 months, for comparison.

Jillson at 4 Months, for comparison.


Heather said...

Such a cutie! Some similarities, but I think Maddie and Jillson look pretty different. Those doughnut things look pretty delicious. Mmmmmm....

ajk said...

Absolutely adorable, Marg! I cannot believe how big Maddie is - I think she must be bigger than Alex at 6 months. If you are near DC, let us know, PLEASE. We would love to try to see you guys.

Scottie Mom said...

Good Lord, you have cute kids!

Jaime Benavides said...

Simply adorable...Our little girls are very close in age. Mine just turned 5 months yesterday. She is the youngest of 4 with 3 older brothers. LoVeLy, huh?! I look forward to following your blog;)