Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Amazing Kris

That's right, Kris with a K. For a little over a year now, my friend Kris has been taking pics of the Gutsy Family. How lucky we were to stumble upon such a talented and fun photographer right in our neck of the woods (sort of). And, how sad I am that she won't be in our neck of the woods anymore. She's moving, too, but not near us. (Seriously, is it in any way fair for a woman to have to give up an amazing photographer, an awesome hairstylist, and a stupendous OB/GYN IN ADDITION to her friends and fairytale neighborhood? I THINK NOT!)

But I digress. It all started in April 2008, when the Gutsy Dad was home on vacation. Kris did this (you can click on the pictures to see them in all their larger glory):

Then, in December 2008, she did this:

And this:

Kris always makes all of us feel comfortable, as evidenced by the fact that she draped me organza and linen and got me to expose the BELLY without my feeling like a moron. Love her.

And so, of course, we had to have one more shoot since we now have one more daughter. And this time, the WHOLE family got to play. Right in our big back yard. (Again, feel free to click to see the photos larger.)

You especially might want to click on these, as I accidentally posted them in small size instead of large.

Thank you, Kris. We are really going to miss you.


Mom said...

Meme thanks Kris for so many beautiful pictures of Chris and his women. My favorite just might be the incredible smile on Tilly's face where she is on center stage. Please give her a great big hug for me. I remember when she was skin and bones and sores....... What a transformation! Love the background full of memories. But most of all, I love the love I see in every face in every photo. Wow!

Christina the Sassy Scrapper :) said...

Those pictures are FABULOUS!!! She is definitely a gifted photographer and you are very lucky to have her to take such amazing family pics!