Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Time, Time, Tickin' On Me

Look to the clock on the wall
Hands hardly moving at all
I can't stand the state that I'm in
Sometimes it feels like the wall's closing in
Oh Lord, what can I say?
I'm so sad since you went away
Time, time, tickin' on me
Alone is the last place I wanted to be
Lord, what can I say?

-- "What Can I Say?" Brandi Carlile (of course)

Yesterday I finally received the official email that said this:
"Ladies: [We are] expecting a flight in the next 24-48hrs. This is a [Cheetah] flight."
YEEHAW! Okay, so my husband's group is not really called the Cheetah Group, but you don't think after 15 months of carefully not mentioning a single word about what group he is with, I'd go and drop the name in this post, did you?

Then, today, I was chatting with the Gutsy Dad online, and he ended by inadvertently quoting a popular song from Annie. That's right, people, the sun WILL come out... Not so sure I'll be sleeping well tonight.

In the meantime, here are some things for you to look at that I made for my design course.

WEEK ONE: Symmetrical Balance

WEEK TWO: Asymmetrical BalanceThis is one of my favorite layouts I've ever done. I wish I could show you my other homework assignment from Asymmetry Week, but it features my husband wearing his work clothes.

REAL WORLD COLOR: Challenge #1

REAL WORLD COLOR: Challenge #2In these "Real World Color" challenges, the instructor sends us something from the real world that has inspired her, color-wise, for design. She also sends us a sketch to follow for the design, so that all we have to worry about is getting the colors to work together. Pretty cool. The first challenge came from a carpet catalog. We had to use a sort of chocolate brown, peach, and sky blue. The second challenge came from a Crate & Barrel ad. We had to use another deep brown (I think my instructor has a thing for brown), bright pink, and bright orange. I'm fond of how the layout turned out with Zephie & Tilly. Not as fond of the one with Jills & The Gutsy Dad. But it was fun to figure it all out anyway.

So, now I am caught up on my homework from Weeks 1 and 2. Of course, Week 3 homework is due tomorrow, and I haven't even started. Good thing this is such a flexible class! Hmm, maybe that's what I can work on while I am not sleeping tonight. I can finally watch my Week 3 lecture. Oh goody! A plan for insomnia! Love it.

Time to load the kid into the car for our daily drive to the campus to see if the car paperwork has come in the mail or not.


ajk said...

I am tickled beyond belief that he is on his way home - probably even home by now. Enjoy being together! Lots of love.

Heather said...


AdventureMom said...

Perfect Song

Billie said...

Are you making these all digitally??

Sorry if that is an insanely stupid question :). And no worries if you don't get back to me in a while. You're kind of busy and enjoy it!!!