Monday, October 20, 2008

By the Skin of Our Teeth

That is how we are hanging on. In other words, just barely. These days are lasting forever and they are filled with hope and anticipation and anxiety and worry. The "campus" is filling up with my husband's co-workers. I keep doing double-takes because I keep thinking I see him even though I know darn well it is NOT POSSIBLE for him to be here yet or without my knowing it. When we are on the campus, Jillsie says "There's a man!" and "There's anudder man!" Sometimes she will say "That man is a papa" or "That man is a daddy" or "Where is the udder man's childer-en?" Obviously, she's got Papa on the brain, too.

This morning I learned that the Gutsy Dad is still waiting at the airport in the country where he has been all this time. He hasn't even made it to the in-between country yet.

Jillson and I went to hang some decorations in the Gutsy Dad's office today, only to learn that he doesn't really have an office yet. Jillsie was peeved at me because she somehow misinterpreted "let's go hang your paintings in Papa's office" as "let's go color pictures with Papa in his office." She was miffed he wasn't there. Thank God Miss Jenny and Miss Laurie were there or I really would've been in the doghouse.

I have vacuumed out the car and bathed the dogs. I have stocked the pantry with the Gutsy Dad's favorites: poptarts, hot chocolate, tea, chips and salsa, diet coke. (Yes, I am apparently married to a teenager.) I have ingredients for a favorite breakfast and a favorite dinner, depending on what time of day he gets here.

The Red Sox blew it in Game 7 (had the pleasure of waking up to innings 8 and 9 this morning), so there is no more baseball to watch. I keep wondering how many more nights Jillsie and I will say our special prayer for Papa. It's on repeat in my brain all day long right now. I need a shorter mantra. Or a Valium. Or a stiff drink. OR JUST MY HUSBAND.

Dear Lord,
Please watch over our Papa, keep him safe, guard him from harm, and enfold him in Your love. Keep him busy and happy so the time flies by until he can come home to us, safe and sound.

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Fizi said...

Praying that one with you - except we won't be saying Papa! Really excited for you. KFA