Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pregnancy + End of RLBT = Nest-O-Rama

You'd think that the Gutsy Dad's rapidly approaching return would be enough to send me into a housekeeping frenzy, but add in some third trimester nesting instincts and you've got Martha Stewart on Crack. I am having trouble sleeping because I want everything to be JUST SO. Anyone who has ever experienced a post-RLBT reunion or anyone who has ever been pregnant can tell you--nothing is ever really JUST SO in time for the big event. But damn if we don't almost kill ourselves trying. (Just ask the Gutsy Dad about the furniture we HAD to move around umpti-nine times when I was 7 months along with Jillsie.)

I believe this latest nesting and shopping frenzy was catalyzed by the arrival of three Turkish rugs that my honey sent me from his neck of the woods. The dogs were immediately excited by them. Tilly tried to stake her claim on one of the rugs by lying down on it before it was even unfolded. Zephie joined for an inaugural romp. Jillsie and Denali preferred to snuggle on top of a second rug while it was still in its box. Zephie is modeling the new living room rug which the Gutsy Dad picked all by himself. Isn't it just gorgeous?

The new tires I ordered for my car have arrived, so I just need to get them put on. Will do this when my new tail light arrives so it can all happen at once. Many, many other new acquisitions are here or en route, but I cannot write about them or display any pictures because some of them are surprises.

I still need to prepare my "brief" before my meeting on Tuesday with the German lawyer who is going to help me get the money I am owed by our phone company (long story). I still need to find a babysitter for two events next week and buy a baby present for a party I am attending. And what am I doing? Vacuuming like a freak, getting OCD about dishes and laundry, browsing online stores for home decor items, and arranging pumpkins on my front stoop. (I know you are wondering where the real Gutsy Mom has gone and when she will be coming back. I really don't know. Martha lives here now.)

And, oh yeah. We bought a new car today. WHAT??? That's right, people. The Gutsy Dad needs to drive something when he gets back and I'd rather take care of that sooner rather than later. However, I'd like to wait until I can put up new car photos before I rhapsodize about it any further, so for that you might have to wait a week or two. Hang in there. The Gutsy Dad hasn't seen his new car either.

Just be satisfied to know this tidbit from my new car story: when I arrived at the dealership this morning to finalize everything, I hopped out of the car with my 2-year-old assistant hot on my heels. She looked right at the saleswoman and said "My name is Jillson. I am a SWEET GIRL." So, apparently, I'm going to have to pause long enough in my nesting frenzy to start teaching my daughter about modesty. Woo hoo!

Stay tuned for more on the Nest-O-Rama.


Sue said...

This is too funny!!!! Love the picture of Denali and Jillson in the box. And a sweet girl Jillson is.

Life6 said...

The crazy could come out in worse ways ;-)