Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Music of the Month

One of the ways I know I am going to get through the RLBT is by singing. Singing great songs has ALWAYS lifted my spirits, particularly in the car (don't we all just sound awesome when we sing while driving?), and particularly with the music turned up so I'm really IN it.

There are certain CDs and songs that will always bring me back to particular places and times when I hear them. Keith Urban's album "Be There," for example. Whenever I hear any songs from that album, I am instantly in Gig Harbor and trying to get through hubby's first RLBT (technically it was just an LBT; only 12 months, not 15...) Or, pop in Patty Griffin's "1000 Kisses" and I am in Austin and trying to get through hubby's year in Korea. (This album, incidentally, is currently off limits to me due to the songs "Long Ride Home" and "Making Pies," which induce tears within just the first few measures.)

Anyway, point is, I've been thinking that small rewards, monthly, would be really fun. I've joked about a shoe-of-the-month club or a handbag-of-the-month club, but this could take a serious toll on the bottom line. So, I think I will do a CD-of-the-month club with myself instead. We can all use more music in our lives.

During a recent browse-a-thon on amazon.com I stumbled upon the Indigo Girls' latest album. God, I love these gals. I am always impressed by people who can actually write music...I am so in awe of that talent...to be able to put notes and words together in a new way and to create something that someone else would want to sing and remember... incredible! Anyway, when I was at an Indigo Girls concert last year in Seattle (while pregnant and with a group from the Junior League, no less--we were by far the straightest people there!) I remember thinking at the start of every song "I LOVE THIS SONG!" and then just being astounded that one group could write SO MANY really good songs.

And they have done it again. When I heard the samples of "Despite Our Differences" I knew I would have to have the CD and I would listen to it and learn it and love it and sing it.

And I was right. It arrived yesterday, and I cannot get enough of it. It's just gorgeous. And, honey, if you are reading this: "I believe in us and I believe in love."


Vicki said...

What do you think about you getting the CD of the month and then I can get the chick flick of the month. We can dance and sing and watch romantic comedies oh my.

The Gutsy Mom said...

I love this idea! We'll be UNSTOPPABLE!