Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Three Things

So I woke up this morning sore from head to toe. I could barely reach over to the clock because every fiber of every muscle in my back was screaming in protest. I quickly convinced myself I had the flu or pneumonia, until, about a split second after I had this conviction, I remembered I had worked out with weights yesterday for the first time in almost three months. OH. And, OW. This made today's run interesting, but we got a good three-miler in, despite my almost non-stop complaining about this body part and that. We're still on track for the Munich 10-K, which takes place on October 14.

According to my "Donut of Hope," we have made it 5% of the way through the RLBT. Yeehaw! I'll take it and go from there.

Here are the latest pages of my Survival Guide. For my monthly benchmark, I am using our debt reduction plan. Here's the two-page spread, followed by close-ups of the left and right sides. On the right page, our projected monthly debt totals (in order to be 100% debt-free by the time the Gutsy Dad returns from his business trip) are listed on the left, with spaces for the actual debt totals to be added on the right. You can also see the "story" of our debt reduction, which is hidden on a journaling tag on the left page. (All we've got left is the two cars and my graduate degree, all of which we consider "respectable" debt; nevertheless it will be very exciting to kiss it all goodbye.)

These last three photos are the opener for the next section of the Survival Guide. I've been writing down all the cute, new things Jillsie does, so I can track them for her Papa in a section of the book called "Moments & Milestones, Month by Month." An example of the monthly spread will follow in September, when I can post August's calendar.

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Vicki said...

OMG I better get on the stick and start one of those books cause that is the cutest thing ever. And it seems to be a great way to remember the RLBT. I'll be mailing my CTMH stuff to you soon so it will be ready for me when I get there.