Friday, March 16, 2007

The Good & The Bad

Bad Things:

I miss my husband terribly.

The dogs peed on the rug yesterday while I was out on a run. (This is particularly vexing since they had just just been out for a one-hour walk with Lydia.)

Everyone else is enjoying a 4-day weekend, but because my husband is out of town, I am enjoying 4 more days of being a married-single mom.

I still need to do my taxes.

My daughter is teething.

Good Things:

I ran 2.7 miles yesterday on a new route, which I loved. Felt a huge rush afterwards. Hooray for runner's high!

I finally planted the flowers and lavendar my mother bought when she was visiting, and they are thriving.

I installed my daughter's new carseat and I love it, puma print and all.

The weather is quite gorgeous.

I finally got the moving company to come back and pick up all of our empty boxes and packing paper, 5 months after moving here!

My daughter is so stinking cute, that not much else really matters.

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