Tuesday, March 20, 2007

For the Love of Shoes

My neighbor just came back from the States, and he brought me my new running shoes, the Asics 2120s. Aren't they pretty?

I would love to try them out today, but I'll have to check road conditions. The snow is mostly melted, but if it is super wet and muddy out there, I am going to wear my Salomons, which I also heart to death. They are fully GoreTex and they have lace protectors, a convenience feature I love almost as much as the little velcro patches that hold the straps of my daughter's carseat to the side so that they stay out of the way when you are getting the kid in and out. But I digress. Here's my other ride:

And finally, who's cuter than Jillson? NO-BODY!

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