Thursday, December 15, 2011

Party Girls

Yesterday was Madelyn's preschool Christmas Program & Party. She played the role of Twinkling Star quite beautifully.  I think.  I was frustrated because I had to stand in the back of the church with Bronwen, so I couldn't see her for much of the performance.  I did manage to sneak to the front about half way through so she could see that I was there for a moment, and my good friend snapped a few cute pics.

Last night at dinner Madelyn rather spontaneously reprised all of her songs a cappella for our listening pleasure. I am now trying to keep these songs alive in her memory so that she can perform them for my parents when they arrive tomorrow.

Today was the party at the Gutsy Dad's work. This was a potluck for--I kid you not--800 of my husband's co-workers and their families. (I made Ina's apple and sausage stuffing and Gina's roasted broccoli with smashed garlic.)

Jillson had a lot to say to this man. He, like her parents, was surprised at her two requests. #1) a kayak. #2) slippers. I hope she isn't holding her breath for #1.

Madelyn, too, had much to say to Santa, even though she was extremely distracted by her candy cane (her favorite candy). Unfortunately, despite the fact that Maddie has a reputation for being fairly articulate for her age, neither Santa nor her parents could comprehend her request.  I need to remember to ask her at breakfast if she remembers what she asked for.

We have one more Christmas party tomorrow.  Then "vacation" begins. Things around here are getting rather exciting. 

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