Friday, December 23, 2011

Not Exactly the Sugar Plum Fairy

I have got to get this kid signed up for ballet or gymnastics or something in the new year. She is so physical, so active. 

She is a maniac with the monkey moves (swinging on and off things, climbing, balancing) and prefers to wear a leotard and rehearsal skirt every single day. 

She learns real ballet moves and terminology from YouTube ballet videos on the iPad and from Angelina Ballerina on TV. 

She loves to make up her own moves. She gives incomprehensible "French" names to her moves and then tells us what they are in English, such as the "cat step" featured below.


Katie in Austin said...

Well, I think "pas de chat" is exactly right for her cat step! Wait, she is not yet quite THREE? WOW. And she has French. Did she hear that, or invent it?????

Remarkable balance and poise. I wish she were here so Ross and I could teach her (and her sisters) aikido. I agree -- ballet, tumbling ... she is ready! Thank you for sharing this lovely little performance!

The Gutsy Mom said...

Katie, "pas de chat" is indeed cat step! (Of course the move she did was NOT a pas de chat, but anyway.) After making the little video, I was curious, so I looked it up. Always nice to be learning French from your kids, right? I am assuming she heard that, probably on a TV show. I should pay better attention to what she is watching...

She does also make up random non-sensical French phrases such as "ay-sha-lay" (echalet? instead of echappe?) and "pas de la la," both of which I also enjoy saying. :)

If we were nearby, I would LOVE to have you two teach her aikido.