Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday Fluff: Running Tools

Things that make it easier for me to get out there and get moving:

1. Run Like a Mother.  This is a website, a book, and a whole lot of humorous and inspirational fun for runners who are, you guessed it, mothers. I'm especially appreciative of their music suggestions.

2. Running Divas.  Aspirational running clothes.  I've got my eye on that "Freakishly Strong" shirt.

3. New kicks. They aren't "pumped up" (ha ha ha), but they take me exactly where I need to go. Safely.

4. The Chariot. We've had this awesome double jogging stroller since we became a family of four. It seats two Gutsy Girls comfortably, side by side, with excellent protection from sand gnats, rain, wind, snow, sun, you name it. It can be used as a bike trailer, a jogging stroller, or just for walking around (with awesome stroller wheels that minimize the footprint and turning radius). It has interior attachments for itty, bitty infants (the bassinet-looking thing we are currently using for Bronwen) and older babies (a sling that reduces bounce-impact by basically acting like a hammock). Please note: The Gutsy Family has not, as of yet, invested in the rickshaw or cross-country ski attachments for the Chariot. I don't see this happening any time soon, either. (For running with only one child, we still madly love our single BOB which we've had for five and a half years.)

5. My iPhone with really good music and the RunKeeper app.

6. The Gutsy Dad's iPad, which entertains Madelyn mile after mile.

7. An adorable baby who obligingly sleeps during 99.9% of my runs.

Things I cannot seem to find or am not willing to shell out for:

1. Sports bras for nursing boobs. After searching and searching, I'm resigned to piling on two or three of my existing sports bras and calling it good. It may not be fashionable, and it may not be easy to expose the breasts for post-run nursing, but at least the girls aren't moving when I run.

2. Running tops that accommodate my current shape. I am hoping my shape will be changing. For now, I am rotating through my three maternity running tank tops and, when the weather calls for it, covering up with larger layers.

Sigh. I was hoping that typing up this post would motivate me to get my butt out there today, but here I sit quite comfortably on the couch, with both younger kids sleeping soundly here at home. There are leftovers from last night's bunco game calling my name from the fridge.

This means going to the gym tomorrow is non-negotiable.

With an emphasis on the gut, 
I remain,
The Gutsy Mom

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