Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Having so much fun this week with Aunt Maria visiting. Updates when the dust settles! In the meantime, I came home from the grocery store the other day to find this marvelous sight. The only thing missing was the mom:

My husband walking FIVE girls.  Well, technically only three were walking. Two were being pushed.

I just love this. Gutsies out and about and enjoying a gorgeous fall day.


Rachel said...

I'm always impressed when TOIAW takes the dogs and baby for a walk but that's mostly because our dogs are obnoxious on walks. What also impresses me is the Gutsy Dad's continued team loyalty even after the loss to the mighty Oklahoma State Cowboys (I don't care about OU, I usually cheer for UT in those games).

Natalie Cannon said...

LOL! He is so out numbered. Good thing he has super powers.

Fizi said...

Very impressive! High fives and non patronizing "Well done" to the GD.