Thursday, October 13, 2011

One Month Old

Pardon my absence. I've been a little preoccupied with a certain one-month old.  
(Okay. I've also been a bit preoccupied by a whirlwind trip to Florida--and the subsequent recovery--along with my husband's ever-changing plans for the RLBT. But more on those topics later. Let us return to the cuteness at hand.)
Bronwen has been with us now for one month. One adorable, toot- and burp-filled month during which the Gutsy Dad and I remembered just how many of those tiny diapers newborns go through each day. And just how little sleep the parents of newborns need for survival.
I love her sweet little feet and hands. She has long fingers and long toes. She loves to lie on my lap with her feet kicked up on my chest. Pardon the view down my shirt, what I'm really sharing here is the view of those tootsies stacked up like a string of pearls.
And the view while nursing. I could spend hours (and I do) just staring down at her, wishing that everyone could feel this sense of peace and happiness. (Happiness isn't the right word--contentedness? Any mommies out there know that feeling I mean?) Bronwen is always doing something with her sweet little fingers while we nurse. Clasping her hands or holding fists up to her chin(s) or cheeks. Feeling her forehead. 
I realize I am probably sounding a little too enraptured by my own child. I know. It's a bit out of hand. But it's amazing to feel this much love. 

I promise I am getting out. And talking about things other than my baby. I even try to use SAT words now and then. And while I don't have time to "do everything," somehow I did manage to find the time to dress my infant up in a fairly ridiculous outfit just to take pictures of her. Thank God my family willingly eats leftovers for dinner.
Bronwen now weighs 8 lbs and 13.5 oz. She has gained almost 2 pounds in her first month of life. Go baby, go! She wears size 1 diapers and size 0-3 month clothing, all of which is still too large.  She has outgrown nothing.
Bronnie eats every two to three hours, though she is not yet on any regular schedule. She seems to want to eat more often at night than during the day (maybe because she has me to herself then? maybe because my schedule is less hectic?). When she nurses, it is a feeding frenzy, fast and furious. She gulps it down, slurps, squeaks, hums, gurgles. We have not yet introduced the bottle, but binky is already a good and soothing friend.
During the day she takes long, snuggly naps in the "infant corner" of our L-shaped sofa. She sleeps so peacefully and quietly there. Once her sleeping organizes itself into regular naps, we'll move her to her bassinet or crib for them. Until then, I love having her nap wherever I am. 
At night she frequently gets congested. She snorts and snuffles like a little truffle pig. I remember this from Madelyn, too.

She is only barely finding her voice, occasionally trying out the sound "ah." Other than that, she does a lot of squeaking and humming. In fact, her number one nickname these days is Squeaky. Madelyn asks for her by this name, as in: "I want to give Squeaky a kiss." She also croons "My sisty, my sisty, I love you."

Her neck is super strong. She can crane her head up like nobody's business. Like a cobra, only cuter. She loves to stretch out her limbs. 

Behind the scenes:
And, finally, a totally indulgent video. Be warned, this video contains one milk-drunk newborn.

Yours in total goopiness,
The Gutsy Mom


Heather said...

SO CUTE!!! love the pictures. and im hoping that RLBT changes mean we might get to see chris when we come visit.

Carolyn Demaray said...

Absolutely adorable!! And why wouldn't she be?? -- Just like her sisters!!!!!!!