Friday, October 21, 2011

The Battle Done

It has been a long, long nine (ten?) years for all of us. I still can't quite believe it is over. I have prayed and begged and pleaded for this day. I've dreamt about it. I've cheered and sworn at people on TV about it: newscasters, political leaders, misguided activists, properly-guided activists, comedians, pundits.

And then President Obama finally said that it was done. That we are done with that mess. (Okay, those weren't his exact words.) The rest are coming home, and no new ones need to go. Which of course means that my husband and his co-workers are not going over there after all. Can I get an alleluia?

Oh, my friends, this means so many things to me. Great excitement for those coming home soon. Safety. Relief. Gratitude for promises kept. Selfishly: an easier life for me. Anticipation for holidays with the whole family. Even a little panic: what will happen next?

Mostly, though, I am overjoyed. And teary. 

I feel like we eked out of this one by the skin of our teeth. Not just not having to go on the RLBT, but also that of the 4,400 American souls we lost over there my husband wasn't one of them. 

Now, if we could just wrap things up in that other place.


ajk said...

I certainly won't be as lucky as you regarding the "other end". Congrats for the family.

Jennifer said...

I am so xcited that he doesn't have to go on his RLBT! What an amazing blessing! Selfishly I hope to hear that kind of news about the other place too. We've got dates for our next RLBT too for there. But I am so overjoyedfor you! ~Jen L

Fizi said...

I am so happy for you, I really am. I am also overjoyed for all the other families who can start to rebuild some sence of normality, and parentss who will be able to spend time with their children. I will join you in praying for those affected by the Other Place.

Jennifer-Adventuresome Kitchen said...

What a joyous relief! In so many ways. And what a gift that he'll be home for all those milestones- what a blessed gift.

Lynn Hutchinson Productions said...

Wonderful news, friend. As always, love checking in and reading your entertaining way of writing. Want to take on my blog for me? :) I'm still too wrapped up in business details to just let it flow in written word....takes a certain mindset. Miss you. Lynn