Sunday, August 29, 2010

The DH, redefined

I have always had a few Designated Handbags. You know, the ones that sit around with only one purpose.  The gym bag, for instance, or the diaper bag. These are classic DHs.

Recently, though, I've noticed that DHs have taken over the doorknobs and banisters of our house on a somewhat larger scale. It seems I currently have quite the fleet of DHs. I think I have at least ten. I don't know if this is a sign of hyper organization or extreme laziness.

Whatever the case may be, I'll let you be the judge. For, in what may be the stupidest blog post ever, I now present to you--my patient readers--a photo-documentary of my DHs, called:

This Day in Designated Handbag History!
(All handbags were photographed in their natural settings with no staging or digital retouching.)

Let's begin in the bedroom. Here we have the aforementioned gym bag. Permanent residents of this bag include my iPod shuffle, deodorant, a small towel, a water bottle, and a ziploc with dipes and wipes for Maddie.  I throw other stuff in there as necessary.

Next up we have the farmer's market bag. This thing can hold about 7,000 ears of corn and heirloom tomatoes. I love filling this one up.

Then we have the cutesy camera bag.  Spare lenses live here.

And then the manly camera bag. It has a much more comfortable shoulder strap, for times when comfort trumps cuteness.

Next up is the cross-stitch bag. It lives on this doorknob in the vain hope that I will actually see it, be inspired, and finish up my nephew's sampler. Austin, I promise I'll finish it before you have kids of your own.

And here is my super-awesome computer bag, which I use when I go to the library to work. Inside you will find Kate Turabian's guide to MLA style. (We have another copy that lives on my husband's desk.) What? You think it looks like a diaper bag? Why, it IS a diaper bag. But don't tell anyone. 

Moving on to the current actual handbag. Whatever bag I've used most recently usually ends up on this doorknob.  Wallet, phone, etc reside here.

Detouring briefly into my closet, you will find my DHs-in-waiting.  (Okay, I can see this is getting a little silly. Moving on.)

The final DH in the bedroom, this is the Bible bag.  The Gutsy Dad and I bring this to our neighborhood fellowship once a week. It lives in my bedside table.

In the hallway you'll find the pool bag. Towels, swim dipes, and sunscreen live here.  Alas, it is just about time to put this one away for the season.

Now we'll move into the more public areas of the home. Near the entryway, we find Jillson's school bag.

And the Gutsy Dad's school bag.

And any and all canvas grocery shopping bags waiting to go back to the car.  (There are usually 4 or 5 of these here.)

And "the Maddie bag," i.e. the little diaper bag we use when we need to leave her somewhere else, such as the church nursery. (We keep our stash of other diaper bag options in the girls' closet in their room. These were unavailable for photographing due to naptime.)

Phew. This is getting exhausting. We're almost done. In the kitchen you'll find our recycling bag.

In the closet in my studio, you'll find my lovely array of scrapping and teaching totes.

And last but not least, amidst this fine collection of bags belonging (mostly) to my children, you will find their designated library bags.  (The dotted brown and white ones. You can only see Maddie's. Jillson's is hiding right behind it.)

And that's it. Does anyone else have DHs?


Natalie Cannon said...

I totally have a collection of DH's! I love this blog entry. I may just be inspired to do an entry just like it. Super love the camera bag and little owls for the church bag. Definitely not a silly entry. Loved it!

Diane said...

well, since you asked about my designated bags (not so much handbags)... they look a bit different than yours. I have one for climbing at the gym, climbing outside, bicycling, hiking, multiple knitting bags, the stack of reusables for shopping, the everyday purse, and my schoolbag which I try hard NOT to use. During the schoolyear, I get a gym locker so no need for a regular gym bag.

Vicki said...

Dude skip the bags I am in love with the red and white shoes in your closet. LOVE them.

Sue said...

Yep, you have a bag feddish. Do you have shoes to match these bags? I don't have the bags, but I have the shoes. haaa

Gina @ Skinnytaste said...

Wow, that's a lot of bags! No, I don't have the collection you have, I always use the same bag and empty it when I need it for something else. Cute bags though!

Chris said...

Lots of bags! I made my way here from the MeTAV message board and after seeing this entry, I'm hoping that one of your D entries is about your DHs!!