Saturday, September 4, 2010

When the Market's Out of Corn

I bought okra at the farmer's market today, and after much discussion with the farmer who sold it to me, she and I agreed that the best way to "introduce" okra to my family would be to fry it.

I believe I may be the first in my family's long line of Yankee chefs to attempt such a thing, but I look forward to being corrected if I am wrong.

The farmer gave me excellent instructions. The resultant fried okra was tasty and crunchy and, well, okra-y without being slimy.  It was gobbled up by one and all (not quite as enthusiastically by Jillson as by the rest of us) and made a marvelous side to the brisket we brought home from All Slabbed Up. (We now need more people to visit us, or we need return visitors, as we finally have found a local barbecue joint. It is far better than any we have tried in KC. Hallelujah!)

The success with the fried okra makes me feel I should attempt fried pickles (a delicacy around here), but I'm thinking it might be better not to go any further down the lane of experimental fried foods.  Best to quit while ahead.


Vicki said...

Ha that is awesome. Sunshine and Andy once had a "fry it up" party after thanksgiving where people just brought whatever they wanted to fry in the deep turkey fryer. I heard snickers and pickles were some of the best items. I am so there for BBQ.

Katie in Austin said...

Congratulations on becoming okra-savvy! It's amazingly easy to grow, and I think if you were to have a garden, the girls would find it fun. I recently was served a variation, where the okra was tossed with the cornmeal, left to sit a little while, and then fried with the addition of some cut-up leftover cooked potatoes (little chunks the size of an okra piece) and a little green onion. Evidently it's the corn meal that cuts down on the slime factor. Very tasty! Happy Labor Day!

AdventureMom said...

I'd love your recipe... I've never been brave enough to try making it, but it'd be fun!

Heather said...

I've cooked okra before!! -- past few summers when it has shown up in our CSA box. I agree that the fresh farmer's market okra is delicious and not at all slimy! havent tried frying it, but have cooked it w sausage, corn, tomatoes. Yum. By the way, am currently enjoying your tomatillo wheatberry salad (tomatillos recently from the CSA!). And oh, the mouth is watering... maybe you could start shipping it :-)

Rachel said...

I'm am not a fan of okra but I can say it looks just like my very Southern grandma makes so I'm sure it was wonderful...if you're into that sort of thing. Yay for trying new foods!