Monday, August 16, 2010

Thanks, Dad

Gutsy Mom:  Hold on, Jills. Let's check the instructions first.
Jillson:  Instructions are for sissies.
Gutsy Mom:  What?
Jillson:  Instructions are for sissies.
Gutsy Mom: Who told you that?
Jillson:  Kiki. He taught me that on Heron Island.

Leave it to the grandparents to undermine all our hard work.  And yes, my dad's grandchildren call him Kiki.  He is down with his manhood.  It must be all that non-reading of instruction manuals that keeps him so tough.  For the record, the Gutsies are an RTFB* family.

*Read The Freaking Book


ajk said...

Absolutely adorable!

Anonymous said...

Jillson's quoting her grandfather is yet more prooof that Heron Island is a great place for rules and pronouncements as opposed to "guidelines" and suggestions which, as we all know, have made such a mess of modern day schools and homes. I applaud my grand-daughter for speaking out on my behalf; however, I would like to be reminded of the context of my truism regarding instructions. Meme thinks it may have to do with Jillson's garden, which, dear readers, thanks to Jillson's care and my genrous application of potting soil and fertilizer, has for one brief summer flourished beyond all expectations. I will also reveal to your readers that the family mad house vacation was made all the more enjoyable this summer with the introduction of the no crying and no whining rule (shamelessly stolen from A League of Their Own, "There's no crying in baseball.") which, I might add, seemed to be taken quite seriously by all grand children present. The resultant calmer atmosphere could also be responsible for there being no dog fights this year either. Lest your audience think I am promoting some kind of kiddie boot camp, I am equally proud of the fact that these same grand children were quick to tote up my various sins and offenses and see to it that I spent more time in the dog house than any other member of the household.

Holly said...

In my house it was RTD: Read the Directions.