Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mini Mania!

Lookie!  Lookie! See what I made today?  This came together lickety-split using the new "Triple Play" kit from CTMH. I can't wait to make the blue one and the orange one.  The finished size here is about 4x4.

Here's the cover, velcroed closed.
Here is the first page.  I love that lacy corner stamp in the upper left. (Not to mention the cute girls on the facing page.)
Next set of pages; look closely to see the tiny, two-step button stamps.
This is the centerfold that literally unfolds. Here it is closed.
And here it is opened.
Close-up of the left side.
Close up of the right side.  Yes, the photo crosses the fold--and I love that, too.
Next set of pages.

Last set of pages.

The view from above.
Something funky is going on with the formatting in this post, but hopefully I can hold it together long enough to tell you the rest of the essential information.  If you would like to get everything you need to make a mini album just like this one, plus two others, all for only $5, just click here.  (Okay, so you will need your own photos, adhesives, and acrylic blocks, but everything else is included: all papers, the stamp set, four mini ink pads, all the die cuts, the velcro, the ribbon, etc.)I'm thinking the blue one will be perfect for photos of a brand-new baby boy, and the orange will flatter some Italy pictures quite nicely.Happy Crafting!


Anonymous said...

I love it, but it looks the price is $29.95

The Gutsy Mom said...

Yes, you can buy the kit outright for $29.95, or you can get it for $5 if you also purchase $40 worth of stamps. That's how CTMH ropes you in. (You can also get it for $15 if you spend $25 on stamps, but that option seems silly to me.)