Wednesday, March 24, 2010


"Reptiles" is the theme at Jillson's preschool this week. I know this because her teacher very kindly sends home a newsletter telling us the theme, color, letter, and shape of the week in advance.

At dinnertime the Gutsy Dad and I like to talk with Jills about her day. Last night it went something like this:

Mommy: What did you guys talk about at school today?
Jillson: Aminals.
Mommy: Oh. What kinds of animals?
Jillson: Turtles and snakes and...
Mommy: What else?
Jillson: Crocodiles.... and lizards. I got a purple lizard.
Mommy: That's awesome. So, what are all those animals called all together?
Jillson: Idiots.
Mommy: What?
Jillson: Idiots.
Mommy: Interesting. We call them reptiles.
Jillson: No, we do not. They are not reptiles.
Papa: They sure are!
Jillson: Well, I just call them idiots. Not reptiles.

We decided to move on to other topics.


Rachel said...

I laughed so hard when I read this that TOIAW came in and asked what was so funny. I love it!

Mom said...

Hmnnnn. There are some family traits shining through here. I bet I don't have to list which ones.

Fizi said...

Excellent! I love the way that they sort of understand what's going on, then throw a totally unexpected spin on it! Angus does just the same sort of thing! It really makes life interesting doesn't it? Love the story.

Anonymous said...

I got a good laugh out of this story!!!