Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Good, the Great, the Weird

So much I want to share, I better get started. I'm typing to you from my very own, brand-new computer, a MacBook Pro laptop. I could bore you with the long story of how and why this beauty of a computer has come into my life, or I could just cut to the chase by saying my sweet husband was tired of listening to me complain and I was tired of ripping my hair out.

We're now 24 hours into our fledgling relationship, and all is well. There's just something about the pretty glow from that apple on the outside of the machine that makes me feel comforted and progressive all at once. It's just so "nerdy second-grader playing Sticky Bear Basket Bounce on the school's one Apple is all grown up with her big-girl 'puter now."

Add to this my other recent acquisition, the Canon Rebel XSi, and you can tell that I have lots of homework and fiddling ahead of me. New technology, new software, new awesomeness just waiting to be absorbed.

Can you tell that the tax men cameth and lo he was good to us?

Now, on to other random updates.

The dogs have had their teeth cleaned at long last, and in addition to having pearly whites again, Zephie no longer is playing host to that strange wart flap thing that was dangling from her elbow.

My friend Sarah from the Austin days is coming to visit next weekend, and I cannot wait because we love her, but also because I realized that her visit here will make her the one person I know (aside from my parents) who has visited me everywhere I have lived since I met her. I love that. (It helps that she often has work-related conferences nearby, even in Germany.)

Jillson is going through some major tantrum/meltdown, irrationality, and control freakout sessions these days which are grueling to navigate through. More on this topic later I am sure.

Madelyn is showing early signs of brilliance by being able to correctly locate and name her nose, though truthfully her favorite pastime is digging through the dirty laundry basket in the girls' room in search of Jillson's underwear, which she then pulls onto her head, after which she lopes/runs out of the room shrieking in glee. I know. It's gross. We're working on a solution.

The fact that we get to stay here in Kansas for an extra year means, among other things, that I will get to sing Mozart's Requiem with some really talented Kansas City musicians this summer. Lucky me. (I don't know which completion yet.)

We finally ate at Jack Stack this weekend, and I am in love with their burnt ends and coleslaw sandwich.

Lastly, I was recently sent a membership packet from AARP. It came with my own pre-approved membership card and everything. Just need to pay my $16 and I, too, can receive AARP magazine along with the rest of my 50-and-over friends.

I have more to say (shocker), but I'll hold off for tonight.


Rachel said...

I have vowed that my next computer will be an Apple. I am not a PC. I keep telling A it will help me when I go to Yale...oh wait, that's right, I'm not going to Yale I'll just be writing all the papers.

I'm trying really hard not to be freaked out by the underwear on the head thing. Really, really hard.

Heather said...

ha!~ austin went through an underwear on the head phase too....not he doesnt discriminate and seems to delight in all dirty laundry!

Diane said...

Yay, I'm really excited for you about Sarah's visit... someday I'll try to get out there too!

I started getting AARP stuff when I turned 25, but they have since stopped. Maybe they think I'm dead by now.

Heather said...

BTW, Jack Stack looks very yummy...looking forward to trying it in a couple months :-)

Natalie Cannon said...

Got my macbook pro 3 1/2 years ago and still love it. I've finally filled my start up disk and need to go through and delete a bunch of stuff. First up for termination? FRG everything:) (insert evil laugh here)