Monday, March 22, 2010

Random Updates

(photos courtesy of Sarah's iPhone.)

1. Who knew the waterfall at the Westin would be so much fun?

2. Maddie has become, over the last 24 hours, obsessed with green beans. She calls them "bings" and would like to eat them by the cupful.

3. I finally made it to a Whole Foods and stocked up on some food items I have been longing for for ages and can't get anywhere else. (Hello, Parrano cheese, you're all mine.)

4. This previously-Mizuno-obsessed Asics-lover is now a Saucony-wearer!

5. Disney on Ice for Chris's 41st birthday, followed by 8 inches of snow. What?

6. Jillson is officially registered for her new Pre-K for next year. (Making the switch from Ancilla to Xavier.) This mommy is happy to have research, visits, and decisions done.

7. Disconnected pipe in kitchen = water dripping down the walls and from the ceiling in my studio underneath it. Wishing for some of those cool water-damage recovery fans from the Ransom Center right about now to rescue my papers.

8. The other day, Jillson went on and on about wanting "tiger lines" for snack. After I made it clear that we didn't have any tiger lines and that, further more, I had no idea what she was talking about, she said, "Well, I will explain it to you then. Tiger lines are orange and crunchy and we eat them at Christmas." I bet my Dad can guess what she meant.

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AdventureMom said...

Cheetos by chance? Also, I love Saucony as it is the only brand that doesn't give me plantar fascitis. Hope they work well for you too! I loved the pics... I wouldn't have recognized Jills in the first pic. They are all growing up so fast!