Saturday, March 27, 2010


Here are some favorite Maddie-shots from yesterday's walk by the Missouri River. As it turns out, this little park in Leavenworth was the perfect, safe place for the Madster to run around and explore (no cars; access to the river fenced off), which she did with gusto.

After exhausting herself, Madelyn declared "Up!" and pointed to the backpack. Papa obliged, we loaded her in, and he began walking. Whenever he would pause, though, Maddie would say "Boing! Boing!" rather insistently. When he would resume walking she would sort of sing along with every step, very sweetly "Boooing... Boooing... Boooing..." She loves to bounce up and down. And I love her increased ability to express what she wants!


Fizi said...

I love those photos! Do I see a lovely scrapping page in the making?!

Heather said...

So cute! Where's big sis?

Vicki said...

oh my word! I love her and I am so sad to not be there to watch her grow cause she is so big now. And yes you are Kera's Godmother.