Friday, March 27, 2009

Zen & the Art of Attitude Maintenance

I just read on my sister-in-law's facebook that she is remaining amazingly calm about the fact that my 3-1/2-year-old nephew drew on her white couch with a black dry erase marker. Not two seconds after I read this Jillsie perched herself on top of the coffee table and knocked over my latte which splashed all over Zephie, the couch, and landed in a big plop on my nice rug. "I will remain amazingly calm," I thought to myself. Then Jillsie looked at me and said "I sorry, Mommy. I sorry I ruined your coffee." It's all good, Jills. But if this had happened yesterday I would have yelled, and I do not like to yell.

Let's discuss yesterday. At one point, Zephie came over to me to ask to go out. I ignored her. She started breathing on me heavily. Without a thought I yelled at her: ZEPHIE, GO LIE DOWN! Jillson came running from the other room and said "Mommy! What's wrong? What's wrong?" I answered: "Zephie was breathing on me." She said "Oh no. Zephie, don't breathe. Don't breathe Zephie, Mommy needs privacy." Actually, Mommy just needed a wake-up call on her attitude. Who yells at a dog for breathing?

So, thank you for drawing on the couch, Teddy. And thank you, Trinnie, for remaining amazingly calm. Consider this attitude adjusted.

On to other topics. We Gutsy Girls have been on our own this week, what with the Gutsy Dad in Bulgaria again. It's been okay (aside from the inexcusable yelling).
I'm making plans for two CTMH workshops I'm giving in April and I'm working the details for our upcoming trips to Rome and Ireland (also in April). I'm fantasizing about what last minute trips and forays I'd like to make when Meme visits (Poland, Paris, who knows) and I'm beginning to face the logistics of the Big Move (June).

I got a kick out of this: last night Jills and I were playing with a deck of cards that have animals on them. She hands me the zebra and says "This is the daddy." Then she hands me the duck and says "This is the baby. Her name is Binderly." Then she hands me the kangaroo and says "This is the mommy. She has a baby bjorn on with the baby inside." I replied: "Yup, that's true. All mommy kangaroos have built in baby bjorns!" Too cool.

There's more I'd like to say today (I have a head FULL of topics, some meaningful and
some meaningless, that I need to spill out so there is room in there for other thoughts) but that will have to wait. I need to go make a replacement coffee.

Hugs and happiness to all of you!


Mom on the Move! said...

Sounds very familiar to my house. I seem to worry all the time about how my attitude is impacting Boogie - especially during the RLBT! The reality - we are pretty good at our jobs and I am sure that will balance out the rough spots.

Billie said...

I love that Jillson picked out the baby bjorn! Way too cute....and way too smart!!!