Sunday, March 29, 2009


Need some entertainment? Want to win a fun prize? Take the following quiz and enter to win! (I'm not kidding.)

Here's how it works. Translate the following "Jillsonisms" and submit your answers to me via email or a private message on facebook if you are so inclined. I know it would be easier for you to leave them in the comments, but then you could cheat off each other. The person with the most correct answers (or most amusing if there is a tie) wins a fun prize, customized to suit the winner, made by yours truly!

Attentive blog readers should know at least a few of these. I'm sorry, Gutsy Dad, you are ineligible to participate.

And now, without further ado, here is your quiz:

1. Grow Mup
2. Blayslip
3. Tunnister
4. Bidoo
5. Clumpalin
6. Effalint
7. Lapkin
8. Hunders
9. Blehfrist
10. Tashit

Good luck!

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